Adafruit articles on vintage computing, send in YOUR ideas! And use hashtag #VintageComputing

Vintage Computing

Lately Adafruit has published a number of blog posts on vintage computing. What is vintage computing? Anything from the past related from how hardware and software came to be to modern uses for vintage hardware and finding (and hopefully posting) vintage software.

  • Hardware: invention of various chips like the microcontroller, FPGA, soft microcontrollers on FPGAs, game hardware, robotics, consoles, home computers, and more.
  • Software: programming from Ada Lovelace through console development, gaming of all sorts, and vintage computers to finding and preserving software, along with creating new software for classic platforms and emulators. Assembly, BASIC, C, Python, and more.

It’s all fair game and we hope to our readers it’s interesting and fun.

Do you have hardware, software, GitHub repos, articles, blog posts, newspaper articles, scans, in whatever medium that fits in this category and you’d like to share?

You can do it two ways:

  1. Leave a message in the comments below in the next couple days, or
  2. Go to, select category “Cool thing for the Adafruit blog!” and let us know what you have or have found. Try to use #VintageComputing in there somewhere also.

It wouldn’t hurt to tag @Adafruit and @mikedigitalhome on Twitter too.

We’ll look to feature content under the hashtag #VintageComputing.

You can ALWAYS find Adafruit blog posts on our blog, on Twitter, and Facebook. Keep an eye on our past and future posts and thank you for your submissions!


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