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Silk Gets Even Stronger in Freezing Outer Space Temperatures, Scientists Discover

via MOTHERBOARDSilk, that luxurious material spun by insects and arachnids, is one of the most important natural fibers on Earth due to its high tensile strength, smooth texture, and insulating properties.
Now, scientists have discovered another silk superpower—the ability to withstand the cold temperatures of outer space.
This property, called cryogenic toughness,…

Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Eleven – featuring Ladyada and Rod Emory @adafruit @gearpatrol @rodemory

Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Eleven…
Issue Eleven, The Craftsmanship Issue. Craftsmanship has become a widely applied descriptor to apply to everything from the sartorial to the gastronomical. But its ubiquity has succeeded in muddying the waters, leading us to wonder, ‘what is craftsmanship in 2019?’ 
Our Ladyada interviewed with Rod Emory! Pages…

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