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VexRISC-V Exposed

If you want to use FPGAs, you’ll almost always use an HDL like Verilog or VHDL. These are layers of abstraction just like using, say, a C compiler is to machine language or assembly code. There are other challenges to the throne such as SpinalHDL which have small but enthusiastic…

Visual Transistor-level Simulation of the 6502 and ARM1 CPUs #VintageComputing #Microcontrollers #History #Commodore @Arm

A neat find in the vintage computing arena: The site has a cornucopia of early microprocessor information.Of special note are two microcontroller simulations: 6502 (used in the Apple II, Commodore, and other early computers) and the ARM1 which was the first Arm chip by Acorn/VSLI/Apple – the Arm1.
6502 (Commodore…


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