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Lab Managers Wanted!

We’re looking for fun, dependable Lab Managers!

We are looking for someone who would like to receive FREE/DISCOUNTED RW MAKER MEMBERSHIP, receive FREE or discounted classes and various other thank you incentives! While the Lab Manager will be a paid position. We simply do not have the funds to pay for staff adequately.

We are currently thinking about taking a percentage of the club’s gross monthly income and splitting that between the total hours the Lab Managers work, and applying club credit for memberships and other paid club events. For example –

The club takes in $1000 in May
Three Lab Managers log a total of 100 hours.
10% is allocated toward Lab Manager pay ($100)
Lab Manager A worked 25 hours in May and would receive $25 plus $25 in club incentives.
Lab Manager B worked 60 Hours in May and would receive $60 plus $60 in club incentives.
Lab Manager C worked 15 hours in May and would receive $15 plus $15 in club incentives.
This is an example only! And will likely change!

• Your schedule should be flexible. You must be willing to come in on short notice from time to time.
• You should have (or interest in learning) knowledge about the tools the Red Wing Maker space offers.
• You need to be able to pass a basic safety competency test.
• You will need to record and maintain member visit, work request, and trouble logs.
• You will be in charge of enforcing safety requirements and help keep the maker space clean.
• Report all violation concerns to the Core Member group.
• You are expected to treat all members equally regardless of age, skill, gender, race, etc.

Above all else, you need to be dependable and have a welcoming presence and attitude. YOU will the primary face of the maker space.

This is an inquiry ONLY. Other requirements may not be included in this listing. 

Please review this page from time to time, as things change, we will keep this page updated!

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