Why Ads

If in the event there is an issue with an advertiser or ad, please contact me.

Why are there Advertisements on this site?

Running a website isn’t free! Advertisements will be used to help defray some of the costs associated with operating a website.

Many of the ads that you will encounter on this website are hand-picked for relevance. I only wish to have advertisers who are reputable, honest and fair on this site. I do not ever wish to have ‘scammy’ ads or deceptive advertising at RedWingMaker.com. If you feel you have encountered an ad that you feel is a scam or is deceptive, please contact me.

Advertisements on this site are delivered from Beau Brewer Digital. If you would like to have your ad here please contact Beau for current rates and placement options.

You can find our disclaimer and privacy policy here.

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